Ego vs True Self


The Ego

The ego is a complicated thing. Most people associate ego as having too much pride or being vain,but the ego comes in many different shapes and forms. 

The ego is great at creating separation and cutting you off from the outside world.

When Spider-Man turns into Venom (Spider-man 3), he feels more superior to others and takes on negative qualities, but Venom takes control of Spider-Man and makes him act and think in ways he normally wouldn't. In reality, our ego takes control of us and hides our insecurities and creates a shell around us disconnecting us from the world. It also hides our true essence.


Awareness is the first step in becoming free from the ego. Once we realize that we are not the ego, but pure consciousness, less and less things trigger us. We also start seeing other people's ego in different forms but still have compassion as they themselves aren't aware of it yet.

 Listen to your inner dialogue 

Once you start paying attention to your inner thoughts, you'll really hear your ego. You can't do this, you're not smart enough, you're so small, there are so many other people better then you...

The reason why the ego puts you down is to protect you from getting hurt, because it thinks what if you take that huge step and land flat on your face. Everyone will laugh at you. 

I view the ego as a toxic friend who wants to protect you from getting hurt but at the same time, limit you.

 High vibrations

The ego hates high vibrations and cannot survive in that environment, just like how Venom starts reacting to the sound of the bell. That's how you destroy it. So try to remain in a high vibe state as much as you can. Whether it's taking a walk in nature, listening to your favorite music, or meditating, do whatever you can to help you get into that high vibe state. 

And the best weapon is to be conscious. Because by being aware, you shine light to the ego, you see it. And once you see it, you can choose to look at it from another perspective.


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