The Alter Ego

The Alter ego is basically the opposite from the ego. It is the highest version of yourself that is hidden. It's like your mental ally that helps you combat your enemy (ego).

Todd Herman guides us on how to unlock these abilities in his book, The Alter Ego effect. It's a game changer for anyone looking to truly tap into their own superpowers. 

Our ego constantly tries to shut us down by limiting us. It's where the fear of being judged comes in, the "I'm not good enough" or "Who am I to do this?". It comes in many forms!

Todd suggests to list these limiting beliefs first so that we become conscious of them and then make a list of your own talents that can help overcome these limiting beliefs.

Then, create your alter ego. The more of an emotional connection you have, the better. Choose an avatar that really resonates with you. The final step is to immerse yourself into your alter ego. You can use props to help you transition into it. Those props can be something you wear or hold on to and they act as a trigger to get into your alter ego mode.

Now let's not confuse the alter ego as having a personality disorder. The real purpose of the alter ego is to bring out the core of who we are, not turn us into someone we're not. It's like a trick you play with your mind but in the end, you become so used to being the higher version of you, that you actually become it. 

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